The holidays can be a very dangerous time of the year. You’ve worked so hard for the past couple of months and, truthfully, the few weeks during the holidays could ruin all the strength progress you have made.


There are a host of reasons why you could ruin all the progress you have been making. From a lack of exercise to terrible food – anything can diminish your results during the holidays. Your best bet at staying in shape is by trying to avoid some of the worst holidays foods. 


Worst Foods To Eat During The Holidays

Red Meat

Emerging science is showing the effects of red meat consumption on overall health in humans. On top of the already conclusive evidence to show the incidence of heart disease and cancer, many researchers are now saying red meats and processed meats could be one of the main contributors to obesity and obesity causes illnesses.


Of course, one small indulgence is not the problem. The issue lies when overconsumption occurs. Do you best to limit the amount to red meat to 4-6oz a week.


High Sugar Foods

I apologize to all the sweet tooths out there. The truth is, although sugar tastes great, it provides little to no caloric value in terms of actual energy and potential strength adaptations.


Do your best to avoid overconsumption of sweets like cake, cookies, and many other baked goods.


For many people, the majority of their sugar will come in the form of soft drinks, juices and even coffee so be sure not to start chugging soda and sweet alcoholic beverages.


The average person puts 2 tsp of sugar into their coffee, and with the addition of soda and juice – you may already be over your daily allowance of sugar.

Low Fibre Foods

Although stuffing tastes great, and cookies are the warm joy for the heart – these are foods that contain little to no fibre.

Fibre is an indigestible source of carbohydrates and is essential in any diet, especially when weight loss/maintenance is the main goal.


Fibre has not only been shown to lower cholesterol levels but is also a great way to promote healthy bowel movements and increase energy. Try eating foods such as whole grains, fruits and veggies as these will contain the highest amounts of fibre.


What Foods Should You Eat?

Here’s the thing about the holiday season – most, if not all the food goes against your goals of building muscle and losing weight.


The best foods are ones that are naturally sourced.


Go crazy on vegetables, lean meats, beans, grains, nuts – anything that is as close to its natural form as possible. This is a simple diet – you know what is healthy for you, don’t complicate things.


Take time to indulge during the holiday season, but not at the sacrifice of your year’s hard work.