Over the past few years, the health and nutrition industry has had some major changes. Previously popular foods like dairy and meat have now started to take criticism as many scientists claim they are not healthy, while other foods like quinoa and chia seeds have risen in popularity.


Of course, there are some foods that are better than others – but we always want to try and emphasize a balanced approach with the healthies whole foods possible. 


We believe that the best way to optimize your personal fitness is to incorporate all aspects of nutrition into your life.


With this in mind, there are some very important foods that you should try your best to avoid – these are foods that could promote unwanted weight gain and push you further from your ultimate goals.


Here Is A List Of Foods You Want To Avoid For Weight Gain


Processed Meats

Among the leading killers we have in North America, heart disease and cancer are at the top – and red meats have not only been shown to promote our leading killers but also increases your risk of obesity in a huge way.


Do your best to decrease the amount of processed and red meats you consume on a daily basis. Try supplementing chicken, fish, beans, nuts or any other high protein yielding foods over processed and red meats.


White/Processed Bread

Over the years carbohydrates have been given a bad reputation – but in fact, it is the type of carb that will get you into trouble. All naturally sourced carbohydrates come packed with fibre, but modern forms of white bread contain almost zero.


White bread has little to no nutritional value in terms of vitamins and minerals, limited fibre and can promote weight gain.


Personally, I love bread – but it is important to distinguish between healthy whole grain and sprouted grains and high carb white bread. Make the decision that you know to be healthier for you.


Fruit Juices

I can never understand how kids drink concentrated fruit juices on a daily basis.

Natural fruit juice will never be a problem, but concentrated juices are packed with sugar and again lack the true nutrient profile of the fruit they are trying to “mock”.


Do yourself a favour, if you like fruit juice or fruit – eat fruit, don’t substitute with a processed alternative.


Fried Potato

While potatoes, in their natural form, are very healthy and a great source of potassium, vitamin c and great carbohydrates – the fried alternative is packed with calories and a lack of nutrients.


Fried potatoes like french fries, hash browns and potato chips will do nothing but promote unwanted weight gain.


As a general rule of thumb, you should do your best to limit the amount of processing you implement onto your foods.


You may notice there is a similar trend between all of these foods – processed.


It is very rare that the natural form of a food will promote weight gain, rather the modern processing of popular foods have been correlated with the increase in body weight and fat.


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