Now that bulking season is coming to an end it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to lose some weight, cut fat while limiting muscle loss.


Having a clean cut comes down to many factors including diet, supplementation – yet above all we need to have a complete workout program.


Your workout program needs to be specific to the type of goal you have.


A workout program structured for weight loss is different than muscle gain, and different again to cutting fat. In order to optimize your weight loss and fat loss, we must implement a specific type of exercise and overall training.


Fat loss is best accomplished by increasing your metabolic state – especially your Basal Metabolic State.


Your Basal Metabolic Rate is your rate of metabolism at rest – the number of calories your body uses while sitting, and sleeping (when sedentary). If we can increase this rate you will effectively be burning calories and fat all day.


How Do We Increase Basal Metabolic Rate?

The most effective way to increase your Basal Metabolic Rate is to incorporate strength training with steady state cardio (calculated by VO2Max).


Strength training will serve as the primary driver behind the increased metabolic rate, while cardio will teach your body to best utilize the energy its given (since you may be in a caloric deficit while training).


Here is The Best Workout For Cutting

Schedule and Workout Plan:

  • Day 1: Push/Pull Power
  • Day 2: Accessory
  • Day 3: Off
  • Day 4: Big Lifts
  • Day 5: Off
  • Day 6: Cardio
  • Day 7: Off
Overhead press 12 3 2111 120
Lat Pulldown 12 3 3101 120
Incline Bench 12 3 2111 120
Cable Upright Row 8 3 2110 90
Dips 6 4 21X0 90

*Take some time to review the tempo explanation found here.
**RBS; Rest between Sets. The amount of time in seconds you rest between each working set.

LumberJack Squat 8 3 3111 120
Romanian Deadlift 8 3 2121 120
Flat DB Press 6 4 2111 120
Pause Deadlift 8 3 2121 120


Incline Bench Press 12 3 21X0 120
Bent Over Row 8 5 2121 120
Low Bar Back Squat 12 3 2121 120
Hex Bar Deadlift 12 4 21X0 120
Dips 8 4 21X0 120


DAY 6 Time Tempo
Incline Treadmill Walk 20min 70% VO2max
Bike 20min 75% VO2max (below 70rpm)
Elliptical 20min 50% VO2max


NOTES: You will immediately notice that the volume for this training program is quite low – considering the goal. If you feel this program is to easy feel free to jump into cardio days or easy HIIT style workouts on off/recovery days.


As a general rule of thumb, you should allow your body 24-36 hours per muscle group to recover before hitting it again. Keep this in mind if you think you want to train with more resistance.


If you have serious goals about trimming down and cutting some weight we suggest using a more complete and specific approach to your body type and goals. Let’s have a free consultation to discuss how you can improve your strength and lifestyle.