Ahh yes, the glory of a strong and aesthetic booty has come to a rise in global popularity. Over the past years, there has been a major rise in the occurrence of ladies searching for a large and well-defined glute system.


Before we get into the workout to increase booty gains, it’s important to understand how the gluteal system works.


Gluteal Anatomy

The glutes are the largest and strongest muscles in the body. Comprised mainly of the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius, this system works to extend the femur (leg) at the hip, externally rotate the femur at the hip and works synergistically with the low and mid back to erect the body, maintain posture and allow for rotation.


Without the glutes, you would fall forward at the hip, hunch over and initiate an injury system called anterior pelvic tilt. This leads to mechanical deficiencies, nerve pain and sometimes surgery.


Strengthening the glutes is as important, if not more important than any other muscle in the body – but it needs to be done properly.


How to Train The Glutes

Now knowing that the glutes work in extension and external rotation, our best bet at training the glutes will be standing tall, or lying on the ground and moving through hyperextension and external rotation with resistance.


Both of these positions will help to integrate the glutes through a full range of motion – increasing the overall tension we place on the muscle.


Best Exercises For Glute Strength

Cable KickBacks

Hands down the best way to isolate the glutes through their full range of motion without compromising the spine. Simply put your foot into a cable and kick the weight back, lower slowly and repeat.


Glute Bridge

The exception to our rule, but the best exercise for placing a large amount of weight on the glutes in a relatively safe position. Our suggestion would be to use a smith machine and you are sure the weight will be consistent and steady.


Supine Extension, Single Leg

Isolating each glute independently will be one of the best ways to sort out mechanical deficiencies. When isolating each leg you should try your best to work through the entire range of motion slowly.


Fire Hydrants

One of the best exercises for stretching and strengthening the gluteus medius – a primary muscle in lateral stability while running (and it looks great in a bikini).


Reps, Sets and Weight

Many people do not focus on the overall weight, reps or sets when they train. In order to maximize your performance, you should pay close attention to the number of reps, sets and weight you use.


We recommend working in a moderate rep and set range. 8×3 is perhaps one of the best rep schemes that can be used to strengthen muscles and improve body composition. Write down all your reps, sets and weight so that you can easily progress in training.


For extended guidance and a specific, scientific approach to your own workout program be sure to check out our programs, or contact me for a free consultation.