BuffScrolls BUFFPACK

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Build your brand with the BuffScrolls BUFFPACK!

Your BUFFPACK comes with everything you need to auto-pilot your fitness brand:

✍️ 5000 Words of Blog Content
(good for about 5-10 blog posts)

📖 3 Ebooks or Eguides
(15-20 ebooks based on our best-selling products)

🏋️ 3 Workout Plan Template
(speed, power, strength, mass – let’s build 3 awesome programs for your clients)


Why Choose the BUFFPACK
1. Increase website traffic
2.Build brand identity
3. Improve website SEO
4. Separate from the Pack

1 review for BuffScrolls BUFFPACK

  1. Brendan R

    Bought this program to help me increase my squat after reading their 6-week squat article. My legs have never been stronger and I feel like my power has increased from the plyo exercises that were included. Great program for beginners!

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