Strength is so subjective. While some people may view strength as strictly the amount of weight you can bench, many others will value form and function. Personally, I believe strength is the combination of your physical capacity and how you can control the weight.


My challenge as a personal trainer is to show people how much stronger they can get in 60 days. This comes down to many factors, but the most important is the program and the approach.  

My Secret

Many people start to exercise because they want to lose weight, but in reality, the most effective programs are ones that take a strength-based approach.


On this type of program your goal is not to lose weight, but instead to progress in strength – growing stronger each week. The result will shred off weight and fat while helping to tone and sculpt your body.

Here Are Some Top Tips To Get Stronger in 60 Days

Stay Consistent

It really is unfortunate to say, but the primary reason why many people quit training is that they do not stay consistent – they see a lack of results and stop.


All of this can be solved if the exerciser stays consistent on the path to success. That’s why I build my programs to be 6-8 weeks in length. This is the perfect amount of time for someone to see clear results, without feeling like the goal is out of reach.


Stay consistent and trust the process.


Train Strength Over Cardio

Let’s be clear – all forms of exercise should be included in a balanced workout program. With this in mind, we must mention that the average person will benefit far more off traditional strength training than just cardio alone.


A combination of the two will provide even greater success, especially when progressive overload is set into the workout program.


Our suggestion would be to stop running so much every day and get onto some basic strength training machines. Utilize simple reps and sets to build up strength and then move into the free-weight section.

Eat Wholesome Food

Nothing will promote greater adaptations in strength and weight gain like a balanced diet from whole-foods.


Perhaps the most overlooked component of any workout program is a well-balanced diet filled with healthy fats, amino-rich protein and clean carbohydrates.


Don’t believe us? Next time you go to the store, only buy products that are fresh and naturally sourced – eat these for a week and let us know how you feel.


Getting strong, losing weight and living a life full of vitality really is not as difficult as many people make it out to be.


Balance and consistency are the most important factors to consider when it comes to total strength and weight loss. Don’t complicate things by trying some crazy fad diet or wild workout program. Keep it simple, exercise hard and eat clean – the results will show.


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